2012 Batch B NYSC Latest Information On Orientation Camp Exercise

The NYSC website has been updated with important Information for Prospective Batch B 2012 Corps Members posted to YOBE and BORNO. If you’re posted to any of the two states mention above, know now that you have been reschedules to hold your orientation camp in Adamawa state. But your orientation camp exercise date has been shifted.
According to the information available to us here at www. iloverelationship.com, they said “They will have their Orientation Programme in Adamawa State between the 26th of July — 15th of August, 2012”.
This means that
Your orientation programme will state on Thursday 26 of July and ended on Wednesday 15 August
All us here at www.iloverelationship.comwish you all a successful camping orientation programme.
I you want to know how to travel to Adamawa state READ IT HERE
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3 thoughts on “2012 Batch B NYSC Latest Information On Orientation Camp Exercise”

  1. Mercy harrison

    I mean NYSC not awarding or recognizing corps menbers that carried out personal CDs is unhuman. Most at time they do better than those who pass out from the orientation camp of that state, than if the bylaw has said that let them also stop the issue of redeployment and know that is for you to be posted to a state once and for all. When you see a coper that work so had without beening recoginized is sound selfish while NYSC claim to be selfless now one has given a selfless service but he or she is not recognized how do you see this

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      Thanks Mercy Harrison for your comment, you really made a very good point here and I personally thinks NYSC is lagging at the side of the way they award or recognized corp members who meritoriously served his or her fatherland.
      However, one thing I’m aware of it that, corp member started getting some point right there in the orientation camp of the state he or she served. According to them, you get five point if you arrive at the camp early, five point if you’re not find wanting in your camp activities and five points in the active participation in all camp activities, if you’re recognized at the end of the orientation camp, you also get some point. Then your CDS both general and personal, place of primary assignment too will give you some points. I can’t really place my hand of the document again I could have just give you the whole break down how that point are being awarded.
      In the case of those who get redeployed, it is possible that the state in which they did their orientation camp did not sent their details to the redeployed state and once those initial scoring points are not available, it is very difficult for NYSC to recognized such corp member. They will not tell you this so as not to discourage you from carrying out personal CDS but that remain the possible fact.
      Thanks Mercy Harrison once again for voicing out your concern on the way NYSC recognize corp members.

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