3 Steps To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

If you follow this 3-step, he will suddenly develop all of these in his mind...

  • ...Love
  • ...Commitment
  • ...Marriage
  • ...Family
  • ...Forever

To make a guy obsess and truly committed to you, you need to consume everything in this article. 

The 3 steps have nothing to do with how you look, your breast size or how pretty you are.

Step #1

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You need to let a man knows you don't need him.

By need him, I mean neediness.

Neediness is opposite of attraction.

Men are irresistible to women that know what she want, that has no anxiety and not depend on him.

It's very natural to long for being closer to your partner and even more natural to be afraid of losing him.

However, when a woman immediately develops an emotional dependency, the other side tends to back away.

Bear in mind, that there's a thin line between needing someone and being emotionally dependable while triggering a man's insecurity alert.

Men want to be with a woman, who is aware of her value and makes a free and conscious choice to be with him.

When you lead a man to believe you are insecure or needy, you immediately become less attractive and practically kill any chance for a relationship. If a woman doesn’t think that she is worthy of a man's love, why would he think that?

Step #2

Plant a future seed in his mind. Most guys love to be play boy and aren't taken thing serious and this might waste lots of your time. But you don't have time for time waster.

By planting a future see in his mind, you'll be able to know if he's in the game with you. More information on this later.

Step #3

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Make it his idea to pursue you, want you, chase you and make him commit.

Don't try to force this on him, or trying to give ultimatum.

Ultimatum will surely backfire and push him away.

A man will truly commit if he feels like he make his own choice to commit

Once a guy make the choice to be truly be with a woman, he will fight for that love.

If you follow the 3 - steps, he will suddenly develop all of this in his mind...

...Love, ...Commitment, ...Marriage, ...Family,...Forever

Suddenly the boy in him, you've been looking forward for too long will finally become the man you've waited for since you're a little girl.

Suddenly you find yourself hunted, pursue and wanted by real man, that is...

Tall, handsome, kind men who are not just ready but are even desperate to give you the incredible love you want so much.

I can guess right about the possible thought going on right now in your mind.

You might be thinking….

"Anthony, that's amazing, but how do I actually do it"

Now, you’ve got to pay close attention going forward, and I’m going to show you…

EXACTLY what to say and what to do to make a guy fall in love with you and become obsessed with you.

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