“How To Conquer A Man’s Heart And Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever”

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21st August 2017
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Dear Single woman,

Are you frustrated by men that just won’t commit?


Do you long to have him look you in the eye… and tell you he will never let you go?

You keep asking yourself, WHERE is that ONE incredible guy who is going to COMMIT to you?

It’s more than a little annoying. It’s damned depressing seeing all your mate getting married.


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The thought of pretending to be “cheerfully single” anymore makes you feel nauseated. You were SURE you’d be half of a crazy-happy couple by now, but it never happened. 

You yearn for companionship. How much longer will you have to endure the pitying looks, the oppressive relatives whispering in the kitchen, and the utterly miserable efforts your friends keep making to introduce you to a “really nice man”?

You’re not alone, lots of women are in this messy situation right now and things are not getting clearer.

…but for you today, after going through this article, you’ll be able to capture a man’s heart and make him committed to love you and only You.

When I discovered that the love of my life had used 3 simple steps to attract (and keep) my attention NO OTHER woman had before and transforming me from a player to her devoted and adoring partner. – I became determined to find out everything I could about the techniques…

This led me to a woman named Aniekan. Aniekan is a nurse and a mom, who looked nothing like you would expect a “relationship master” to look like. 

But to a small group of women who have encountered her (the love of my life is one of those women), she had been their secret weapon in the game of love.

I finally convinced her to share her knowledge with the world, under the condition that her identity remains totally anonymous.

As I talked to Aniekan, she revealed a few simple secrets that blew my mind and an understanding of men I simply couldn’t believe…

When our conversation was over, I wasn’t happy, I was depressed.

I thought of the thousands of women out there who desperately needed to know what only Aniekan could teach them.

The thousands of women who kept falling into bad relationships and needed a hand from her to dig their way out and finally discover what real love from a man felt like.

The thousands of women who deserved a relationship like what I had with my girlfriend (now my wife)…. the thousands of men who were just waiting for the right girl to figure this stuff out and give him the happiness he wants so much (but could never admit to)

I went to Aniekan and I begged her to let me share with the world what she knew about men and love and dating and getting a guy to truly commit.

At first, she refused; she didn’t want to be known, to be invited on TV or anything like that…

It was only after I promised that she could keep her privacy that she agreed.

Over the last 3 months, I worked with Aniekan to pull every secret, every technique, every trick and idea out of her…



This is a Compilation of Powerful Secrets, Techniques, and Ideas Including:

  • The 7 unconscious obstacles women put up that make impossible for the man of your dreams to ever find you
  • The 6 Subtle “Forces” That Drive Men From The Inside – and how women can tweak these forces to drive men to incredible emotional ecstasy.
  • Why “Beauty” Is Actually Only The 3rd Most Important Thing To Men – and how women can be radiantly attractive to men without makeup or killing yourself at the gym.
  • The “Perfect Man List”… and what most women leave OFF the list that dooms them to misery, breakup, loneliness or divorce.
  • How Men Secretly Yearn For Commitment And Marriage – and how to turn that yearning into a truly primal need.
  • How a woman can instantly stop negative self-talk… and how to regain your composure – and even your love for yourself – in a matter of seconds.
  • …and so much more I’m excited to share with you

“Conquer A Man’s Heart And Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever”

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A step-by-step done-for-you guide that teaches you how to crawl into a man’s body, mind and soul and make him not just fall in love with you… but also commit to you on such a deep, primal level he can barely understand it himself.

It’s time to ask yourself…

Are you’re ready to get off the “relationship roller coaster” and finally get the man you deserve?

Do you want to wake up the man you have now to the powerful, intelligent, beautiful woman he has standing right in front of him?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… Then this is the program for you.

Here’s just a tiny taste of what you’ll learn (and how your life will change) if you’re one of the lucky few who use this opportunity to this secret guide today.


You’ll Discover…

  • The “Hunter Principal”… why strong, wonderful men actually NEED to feel like they’re chasing you and have earned you before they’ll even consider committing.
  • Aniekan’s “Gateway Technique,” that will open the door for amazing men to approach you, flirt with you and BEG to take you out.
  • How To Seduce Any Man With Your Eyes… so he feels hot under the collar and inspired to come after you – without you having to say a single word.
  • The “Lighthouse Method” of standing out and making yourself the single most irresistible woman in any room… you’ll be shocked at how you can demand a man’s focus and have him magically drawn to you – even if you’re ten years older and a few pounds heavier than the “little girls” these guys used to fall for.
  • The Actual Truth About Men’s Minds… what men are really thinking when they meet you and how to stun a guy by showing that you understand his secret needs, desires and fears better than any woman he’s met in his life.
  • Sick of being hit on by guys who just aren’t “good enough?” Aniekan reveals the secrets technique that instantly repulses cheaters and players so you never have to waste time with them again.
  • Why Guys Lose Interest After You’ve Had Sex With Them… and how to keep a guy 110% focused on YOU as his absolute dream woman.
  • What Commitment Really Means To A Man… no matter what he tells you. How to instantly defeat his “fear” of commitment and have a guy actually fantasizing about spending the rest of his life with you.
  • How to Know If a Guy is Marriage Material… the 10 simple questions to ask yourself to know if a guy is WORTHY of the amazing new you – or if you’re just settling.
  • And MUCH MORE I have time to list out here…
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Just go through “Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever”


Here Are Unsolicited Testimonies From Women Like You

I’m sure that you hear this all of the time, but as I read this, I felt so special, like, “Oh my gosh, she wrote this for me!” I felt supported, like someone really knew all the pain that I was going through.

Obviously, i am not the only one that has ever gone through this, but it was a first for me, and I felt pretty devastated. Thank you, Tony! I now think of you as one of my good friends! Thanks for the advice!

– Oluchi, Anambra

Most of my friends have no idea what it’s like to be single. They have good intentions, but their advice is usually way off. This guide is like talking to a smart friend who GETS it. Tony has made me feel optimistic about love for the first time in a long time.

The modules are really fun to go through, and the worksheets are actually helpful (I was a little skeptical about the exercises, but they work!).

I’d enthusiastically recommend this program to any woman who has become discouraged about finding the right guy

– Tessy, Abuja

Thank you so much for the opportunity both you and Madam Aniekan. The two of you has giving so many of us, that we can finally see where we have been going wrong, the opportunity to open our eyes to so much more.

I’m really grateful, I can now easily spot genuine man with good intention within days.

– Biola, Abeokuta

To be sincere with you, since I got your guide yesterday, I have been reading every details and the information I’m getting in it, has been so much encouraging and I can feel love is alive again in me.

Now I understand I have been following the wrong path in the past, but with what I’m getting from your guide, plus God on my side, I’m going to get conquer his heart real soon.

Thanks so much.

– Aminat, Lagos

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As you can see, this material is powerful and life changing.

It’s the magic key to finally getting off the “relationship roller coaster” and finally getting the man you deserve..

Read everything and learn to understand how men actually work and you’ll be amazed at how your entire relationship with men transform overnight.

 In fact, if you’re like a lot of women, you’ll feel like you suddenly have a super power….


  • The power to attract any guy you want…
  • The power to finally make that “one guy” you’ve wanted so long not just notice you, not just “Want” you but actually need you (and only you) so deep in his bones.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Honestly, I can’t wait until you feel what it’s like to really have control and power in the game of love. To know with 100% certainty what men want (and that only you can give it to them)…to have your pick of handsome, tall, successful, wonderful guys.[/text_block]

To finally have that ONE guy want you as you’ve wanted him for so very, very long.

Just Imagine This For A Minute…

  • Imagine all the anxiety and fear and disappointment and anger you feel around guys right now just disappearing almost like magic.
  • Imagine the anxiety and the sadness and the feeling that you’re not good enough finally fading away.
  • Imagine the fear of it being “too late” for you to find real love or that you should just “settle” draining away like water.
  • Imagine what it would be like to know you had the “secret code” to a guy’s heart and the almost magical ability to inspire him to love you more than he’s loved anyone ever before.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]Would that feel good?

Ok, I think you can feel how much you want this…how much you want the love and the security that’s right around the conrner.[/text_block]

Act Now, and Get The Complete Guide Plus These Amazing BONUSES…

Bonus Number ONE

Time Tested Secret of Finding Mr Right Even At 35yrs Guaranteed

  • This book will teach and guide you on how to be self-dependent and what you can bring to the table so that men will see you and identify you even from afar.
  • You’ll discover the mistake you’ve been making that are ruining your chances of meeting Mr. Right and the corrective measures to take to have it all corrected.
  • You will come to realize that your past relationship is not a bad relationship because it teaches you what you don’t want and how to use that to the success of your next relationship, that’s your hubby
  • You will learn the key components and characteristic of the right woman. This will help you to be the right woman every right man desires.

Bonus Number TWO

The Fastest Ways to know if “He is the ONE”

This is something special, you’ll be glad you’re getting this as BONUS.

Use this simple checklist to figure out exactly who you should give your love to… and which seemingly-great guys really aren’t worth your time.

No need to waste time for any dumb ass kind of a guy anymore.

Bonus Number THREE

Early Dumping Signals and How to Avoid Making it Happen

Use this simple tool to know without a doubt when a man starts to pull away…and exactly how to bring his attention, his passion and his love instantly back to you.

You’ll surely love this:)

Gain INSTANT Access to EVERYTHING and Take The First Steps to Become Irresistible to that One Guy You So Desperately Want…

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How much will this guide plus all of the amazing bonuses cost you?


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]


This guide is the only guide you’ll ever need to conquer a man’s heart, because it contain the secrets that unlock every man’s heart and it’s not going to cost an arm and leg to gain access to everything.

I won’t ask you to pay 25,000 though, it worth much more than that.

You’re not even going to pay 15,000 because I want every lady who desires to unlock any man’s heart to get access to these incredible materials.

Yes, I know the condition of the country right now and this is why I will be asking you to pay an amount less than N10,000.

You’re going to gain access to everything with just N7,500.

I’m sure; N7500 shouldn’t be standing between you and your dream man.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”30″ font_style=”bold” font_color=”%238B0000″]…But Wait![/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I want YOU to gain access to this life changing materials and with this, the first 20 women will get the complete package for just only…[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]After the first 20 women, the price will go up to N7,500.[/text_block]

Here’s My 100% 356 Days Money Back Guanrantee

If you go ahead to invest in “Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever” and for the next 365 days at most, you are not seriously engaged,  getting prepared for your wedding or married, as a direct RESULT of using this Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever..


Then simply send me an email for a refund of your money and I’ll ask you for your bank details and transfer the full refund of the exact amount you paid for this guide without asking questions!


I won’t just REFUND you the FULL purchase price…

I will also let you KEEP the Guide without asking any questions whatsoever.

My email address is [email protected] and my phone number is 09093829879.
In addition we will pay you an additional 10% for wasting your time.
Why am I making this outrageous, almost impossible-to-believe guarantee?

This is because I absolutely believe in this guide and I know that if you follow instructions, it will give you the results you want, so much I am willing to even bet my money that it will work for you.”

Look I want this for you. I want you to experience the joy, happiness and fulfillment, that comes to you once you use “Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever “.

But I also want you to feel safe, secure and to buy it with confidence, knowing that if for whatever reason it doesn’t work for you, your money is not lost. It is safe and you will get it back immediately you ask for it.

Here’s Something Very Important You Need To Know

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholehearted Love You Forever” is guaranteed to get you result and hand you the man of your dream.

However, here is the problem.

The time for you to start seeing great improvement on your ability to capture the heart of your dream man will be differs from every other person.

Here’s why it is so

Every secret, every technique, every trick and ideas in this package is going to work for you but your willingness to apply them will determine how fast you’ll begin to see great result.

Every lady/woman do not have equal time to go through this package as there are so many other things that can take your time away

So, the bottom-line is that, “Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholehearted Love You Forever” works if only you follow the tricks, secrets, ideas and techniques simply lay down in the program.


Here’s How to Get A Copy And Enroll in This Life Changing Program

Ordering Instruction

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WARNING – Please, follow the instructions step by step below to avoid delay in the delivery of your copy of the Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever.

This  guide is only available in form of a digital guide that you can download and read instantly on your computer, Android Tab, iPhone, Galaxy, Blackberry or Ipad.


This option is for those who which to make payment online with their ATM Card and people that GTB and Zenith Bank are not available in their area.

You can make payments with your ATM card right away by clicking the order button below. You will be taken to a secure page on SimplePay Ltd website where you can enter your correct ATM details.

SimplePay is one of the accredited Only payment Portal approved by CBN and your information is very secure, that no one will ever have access to it. In fact, immediately your payment went through, all your information is deleted on the portal instantly.

If the details you entered are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will get a success message with TRANSACTION ID on your phone and the email address you provided.

All you need to do is to Forward the text to 09093829879 or forward (copy) the email and sent to [email protected]



To get a copy now, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 – Deposit the sum of =N=1,750 only into any branch of Guarantee Trust Bank or Zenith Bank in Nigeria.

See bank account details below:

NOTE – You may also  make payment through ATM transfer, Mobile Transfer, Internet Transfer if you know how to operate through any of the easy banking options available.

Details of bank account to be credited is:

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name: Anthony Adeokun

Account Number: 0124438414


Zenith Bank

Account Name: Anthony Adeokun

Account Number: 2009774188

STEP 2 -After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email address; [email protected] OR send it at text message to; 09093829879

Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says: Conquer His Heart

The details to be sent are:

1. Your Full Name

2. Your Email Address

3. The amount Paid and Bank’s Name you paid to

4. Teller Number (Only if you paid cash at the Bank) That is all you have to do.

Once we receive your payment email and your payment has been confirmed from the bank, you will get an email which would contain the download link to the Conquer His Heart and Make Him Wholeheartedly Love You Forever Guide

You will also be added to a Secure and Highly Protected Special Group on Facebook Where All Your Questions Will Be Answered.



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P.S. – This program and guide is  actually not for every one. It is for ONLY ladies who have tired of being single and ready to take the bull by the horn. If you’re one of them, this is an opportunity for you to finally get the man of your dream, who will wholeheartedly love.

P.S. – Remember my Guarantee on this program/GUIDE, I still stand by my words, you have absolutely nothing to lose, if at the end of it you have not been able to capture a man’s heart, or get engaged or even getting married to the man that’s yet to show great commitment, once you put to use the information in this guide. You can ask for your refund.

P.S. – Remember only the first 20 ladies will get a copy for a N3,500, the next 10 people will get it for a N6,500 and anyone after that will get it for N7,500. You need to act fast now to get the chance of being among the first 20 woman.

     Anthony Adeokun

Relationship & Marriage Coach



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